Seven Steps to Fair Farming (N.O.C.)

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(With Wild Garden commentary from the Organicology conference.)

Prior to any de-regulation of new genetically-engineered crops, or discussions of “Co-Existence” of GE and non-GE, the following 7 points must be addressed transparently and fairly (for all stakeholders involved). See NOC’s Contamination Prevention Plan for details:
1. Establish a USDA Public Breeds Institute to ensure that the public has access to high quality non-GMO breeds and germplasm. (The farmers say: “All the ‘good’ corn varieties are GE.”)

2. Create a Contamination Compensation Fund [see NOC’s Draft proposal at:] , funded by GMO patent holders, to provide immediate assistance to persons contaminated by GMOs, from seed to table. (The farmers say: “Conventional and organic farmers absorb buffer zone and screw up costs”)

3. Complete elimination of deregulated GM crop status, including prior deregulations, with on-going oversight and public evaluation of compliance and enforcement. (The farmers say: “If it’s deregulated, USDA considers it safe and not it’s problem.”)

4. Conduct comprehensive, independent, longitudinal studies on the health, environmental, and socio-economic impacts of GMOs, prior to GM crop approvals. (The farmers say: “When reviewing GM crops, the FDA uses data provided by the company, not from independent research.”)

5. Prohibit the growing of promiscuous GM crops that are likely to cause GMO contamination.

6. Prevent food security risks associated with the concentration of our food system in the hands of a few companies.

7. Institute an immediate labeling protocol for all GM crops, products, and ingredients. (The farmers say: “This is where YOU can help. Call your representatives, create clamor for GMO labeling. A recent poll says 86% of Americans support labeling of GM crops. Let’s make it a reality!”)

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