96% is an A+

In a current poll on the MSNBC website, 96% of the 40,000 respondents said that they support mandatory labeling of GMO foods, choosing the option “Yes. It’s an ethical issue — consumers should be informed so they can make a choice.”

3.2% say they do not support labeling, because “The U.S. government says they are safe and that’s good enough for me.”

0.8% of people say “Not sure. It all tastes the same to me.”

Anaka oiling a hoe handle, moments before getting online and voting on the labeling issue.

If you want to throw in your own vote, visit the poll here.

One thought on “96% is an A+

  1. Wow Eric, thanks for publishing this incredible flattering photo. I must have just eaten some tainted GMO sugar and turned into a farm zombie.

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