March Onwards

floating the row cover

floating row covers really do float.

cutting vents

Cutting greenhouse plastic around the frames for the air vents.


The best use we could come up with for these vac-away seed cleaners: a work bench

Around the farm this week: lots of new plantings, and our first lettuces are just beginning to want to go in the ground.

We also got some vents installed in the greenhouse, which will help give the summer dwellers a breath of fresh air.

Before you know it, we will be back out in the fields, taking care of the varieties that overwintered, and preparing the way for the new crops. Our hoes are freshly sharpened, handles oiled, and our boots recently told me that they are excited to be back in the dirt.

2 thoughts on “March Onwards

  1. OH, that Vac-A-Way pic breaks my heart! The one I’m using is worn out and falling apart. Those look 10 times nicer than mine!

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