Spring Training

I just got back from a trip to Michigan to visit family, and wham, we are back outside working! This week we transplanted our first set of lettuce and spinach, and we will be planting more as soon as it dries up enough to prepare more beds.

Anaka and I ran the manure bucket brigade

The last part of the week was spent feeding some Scarlet Ohno Turnips, and Wild Garden Kale, with composted chicken manure mixed with terra preta.

It has been wet the past little while, and to get to the field we are currently working in you either need a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle, or a row boat.

too deep for boots, too shallow for boats; we scraped bottom

We also began work on an expanded deer fence for an old and new section of field. Friday was spent with an auger, gravel and shovels, securing the new corner posts.

When this fence is up, our seeds will be certified Deer-Free.

mapping out the new territory, known as "the back field"

Drill, baby, drill

3 thoughts on “Spring Training

    • Basically what we do is pile up all of the woody plant debris and chaff from the entire season, and set it on fire, trying to make it burn slowly and not just turn everything into ash. What we are left with after a couple times stirring it is a nice pile of carbonized vegetable matter, which we mix in with composted chicken manure in a roughly 1:1 ratio. This is what we use to side-dress the plants in the spring, ideally before they bolt and flower.

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