Earth Day Plantings

It’s Earth Day today, and here at Wild Garden we celebrated by doing more of what we do every chance we can: transplant lettuce. By my rough calculations, we transplanted around a mile of lettuce today.

Anaka planting some lettuce. I know this photo has been used before, but fast trains have slow upload times, so y’all will have to wait for more pictures/videos.

James Cassidy of OSU Crop and Soil Sciences in the fields where the Hoo Haa will go down.

In addition, the Organic Grower’s Club at Oregon State University holds an annual “Hoo Haa” on this day, and my cohorts have plans to attend the festivities.

As for me, as I write this I am sitting on the Amtrak Cascades train, speeding on down the line, so each word I write is from a different beautiful location! Wowza! I am on my way to Mount Vernon, Washington, where the tulips of Skagit Valley will be in full bloom. Look for an exciting new video of Anaka coming soon…

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