The power of the quinoa is in the hills, at least around our parts where we need a slightly cooler nighttime temperature¬† in order for the Andean plants to set seed. And so, on a mildly rainy day last week we disappeared into the coast range and planted the quinoa starts at Frank’s house.

quinoa gets buddy-buddy with an apple tree

We also found some space for the last of our radishes, which were quite happy to join the quinoa outside.

Hydrating the radish starts before going out to be planted

This young buck was living in our manure pile

At the moment, we have completed transplanting out all of this year’s lettuce, our greenhouse full of plants has dwindled to a few stragglers here and there, and we are beginning to weed what we planted a month ago. Overwintered kale and mustard is beginning to set seed and others are in full bloom.¬† Everything is poised to jump up very soon!

One thought on “Quino-what?

  1. I am inquiring about how /when /where to sow my quinoa seed purchased from you..there are simply NO directions or information on your seed packages or on your website…so I reiterate..quinoa/WHAT? And yes , I do know what it is and I eat it often .just inquiring about growing my own from your seed. I live in Montana in the Missoula valley.. growing zone 4/5 ..and getting warmer! Thanks for your help!

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