2011: A photo odyssey


Well, last week we got a decently sized flood out at Gathering Together Farm, and as we are waiting for the waters to seep back into the soil we are cleaning seed and pondering the new season. Part of that process is sharing some of my favorite images/moments of last year, so here we go in no particular order:


Strawberry Spinach berries after a good smashing. The dark black on the tarp is the seed, which sinks, while the pulp floats.

Me screening strawberry spinach to remove leaves and stems

A shady afternoon screening session

Radish stomping grounds
















Morning light on drying chicory









Cutting my malting barley plot.



Half the crew contemplating a truckful of orach, half contemplating the sunflower guardian.








Orach, at varying levels of cleanliness


Beginning of the Sucrine








Lettuce breeding project

Rafting to work, early in the season











Looking down the barrel washer at Hank: removing delicata seed





A stout set of smashed squash, supposedly stationed for speedy seed separation.







Well, that seems to cover it from my camera’s perspective, but I know there are more images floating out there somewhere. I will do my best to document more fun things this season. Stay seedy!

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