Mnemonic Advice


Our little way of remembering how to identify a lettuce plant marked for planting stock selection:

When you come to a plant near a flag,
Look to the north for a tag.
If a shadow is cast,
You’ve found it at last,
Now shake that seed in a bag!

Shots from Spring

Well, I am not quite sure what happened the last couple months. We had the gnarliest spring in the past ninety years, complete with three floods, surprise snow storms, and a fair dose of no sun. All that is behind us now after the grand finale this afternoon with a lightning bolt and a deafening thunderclap. No more rain, no more cold, only sun forever, right?

Aaron and myself crack a beer after navigating waist-deep snow in the coast range on a no-work day.

Organizing our Chicory selections

Chicory selections (never mind that two days later the river jumped its banks and Hank and I risked our necks in a tiny kayak attempting to save them blah blah blah)

The scoopmobile, the prized scoopmobile, the valiant, the proud, the defiant, the noble, the scary, scoopmobile! Oh, and some snow.

James dreams of a better Spring, on the coldest/wettest planting day in history.

But at least we still got to eat cake.