On the beet

A brief update on the sugar beet case, a couple weeks old but news nonetheless:

The appeal by Center for Food Safety to the recent partial deregulation of Roundup Ready sugar beets has been bundled together with the appeal by the sugar beet industry to the same partial deregulation. What? Yes, both sides appealed the partial deregulation, CFS for not going far enough in preventing possible contamination, and the beet industry for going too far to prevent possible contamination. As the appeal from the sugar beet industry was filed in Washington, D.C. just ahead of the other appeal, the decision was made to hear the two appeals together in D.C.

children of the kale

In other news, we were going through some of our overwintered crops the other day looking for suspicious characters. We played a big game of “which of these plants are not like the others?”, and removed plants that we did not want in the popultion.

Dear plants, please do not make Hank sad. Do the right thing.

come out, come out...